Sandstone Sanctuary

Wildlife viewing from the porch, patio dining with herbs plucked from the surrounding beds – what a transformation! As with many of our landscapes, this south facing front yard started out as a sunburned bluegrass lawn. Front yards are often just ‘house dressing’: something to enhance curb appeal, but our client dreamed of more. She requested a patio with sitting walls, plants for wildlife, the replanting of many plants that lost their home during a house renovation and, of course, water conservation. Now a small mortared red flagstone patio is surrounded by edible, native and pollinator plants (sometimes all three in one plant!). The contrast of dry-laid strip stone walls against large natural boulders is highlighted by the perennial flowers tucked into and above the stone. The perennials offer season-spanning bloom while a variety of evergreens and the native stone have a peaceful winter presence.