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Sustainable Landscape Design & Install

Driven By Nature

Sustainable landscape practices are at the core of Matrix Gardens. We have been a pioneering force in native plant and pollinator-focused design and a locally sourced ethos in Boulder Valley since 1984. To us, “sustainable” is not a word, but a way of life.

Custom Designs To Fit Your Land and Your Life

Each design is customized, taking into account the natural lay of the land, existing trees and shrubs, sun, shade, usage considerations, and your ideal look and feel. We don’t do anything cookie cutter. We listen to you and educate you on the possibilities and potential challenges. Will you maintain the garden yourself, and if so, what is your level of commitment? Do you want to prioritize edible landscaping? What about attracting birds and wildlife? Have you considered fire mitigation? It’s an iterative process that results in a garden that reflects you, and the land’s own unique contours.

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Native-Plant Focused

Matrix Gardens is native plant-driven in our designs, featuring Colorado wildflowers and grasses, cultivars, edible plants for people, and pollinator-friendly plants. We source as many plants as possible to be chemical- and neonicotinoid-free. Only organic soil amendments are used, because soil health is the foundation of all living landscapes. We work with local materials in all hardscaping (pathways, retainer walls, boulders), featuring Colorado red and buff sandstone. To us, the beauty of the natural ecosystems in the Boulder Valley is the ultimate palette, and your garden the ultimate canvas.

Here, Water Is Sacred

We are passionate about water conservation and optimal use. Our designs aim to keep your roof water on your property and off your driveway and street. Our installers employ best practices in rainwater catchment, and drip irrigation is used. As stewards of the land, it’s all about sustainability, and that’s how we work. High-water plants are not utilized, out of respect for the native ecosystem.

Outdoor Living Lifestyle

Whether you moved here recently or have lived in Boulder Valley all your life, you know how special this place is, and you want to maximize your time outdoors. That’s why we incorporate, as desired, flagstone patios, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, water features, outdoor kitchen installations, outdoor grills and shade structures into our designs.

Residential & Commercial Landscape Design

You may want your suburban property transformed into a sustainable prairie with an untamed and native look. You may want your ultra-modern, LEED-certified home to feature a forward-thinking, ecology-forward aesthetic. Or you may be a commercial property manager looking for a company that specializes in sustainability and garden-care best practices. Reach out today and see what Matrix Gardens can do for you.

Our Design Process

Initial Meeting

Share with us your landscape dreams and problems to be solved. Our first design meeting includes detailed conversations about your requirements and desires. We walk with you through your landscape to assess opportunities and constraints.

Conceptual Design

Our experienced, creative designers bring visions to life and present new, inspiring designs. We create several conceptual landscape designs exploring options for your new landscape. Working with you, we develop a final conceptual design and use this to provide a preliminary installation estimate.

Final Design

A complete landscape design with hardscapes and plantings specified. It includes a complete plant list describing each plant with notes for care. Your designer presents the design to you and discusses installation details and phasing.