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Garden Care

Our Philosophy

At Matrix Gardens, we do nearly everything by hand. We employ no herbicides, rather removing weeds by the whole root whenever possible. We opt for hand tools, rakes and brooms and battery powered equipment. We prune mostly by hand, taking into consideration the health of the plant as well as natural looking aesthetics. Why? Because it’s quieter. It’s healthier. It looks better and it expresses a respect for the earth and for ecology that is a cornerstone of our philosophy. This approach sets us apart from nearly all landscape companies in Boulder County.

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Our Services

In addition to landscape care, we also offer the following services:

  • Irrigation
  • Identification and maintenance best practices
  • Top dress mulch for lawns
  • Compost tea application
  • Weed control in gravel using a concentrated horticultural vinegar
  • Lawn care
  • Planting bed enhancements
  • Containers and planters

A Consistent, Attentive Team

We are not running five different crews. We have a small, consistent gardening team that does all of our garden care, which is highly unusual in the landscaping industry. We find that this personal touch really enhances communication and longevity. Having the same people care for the properties year after year helps us have consistent eyes on the property, so we catch small issues before they become larger issues. We really do look at our sustainable landscapes as maintaining them as Mother Nature intended. We take the time and the effort.

Driven By Nature

Our driving principle is the health of the earth and what is needed to achieve your optimal garden care goals. We leave it unruly and naturalistic or neat and tidy, depending on your preference. Our guiding principle is to do what is necessary and required for the health and beauty of your landscape.

Your Schedule & Preference

Our schedule depends on your preference. Whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as a one-time visit, we are always respectful of budgets and costs. Some folks like to leave a lot in place over winter, while others want every leaf gone. Our approach is tailored, and each garden is treated as the unique space that it is.

Caring For New Installations

It is important to properly care for new installations right after the install. An $80k investment can succumb to a bindweed invasion without budgeting in sufficient maintenance. Think 2-3 years, depending on how the landscape grows in. This is very important for a young landscape, and it should inform your overall budget decisions.

Plants, soil health, edible landscapes, the tree canopy, firewise considerations, and everything in between — we approach your landscape with the entire environment and ecosystem in mind. Contact Matrix Gardens today to discuss all of your garden care needs.



Seasonal Color

Add beauty with bright flower pots, fall annuals, holiday containers, and more! Our skilled team can design and install annual beds and containers that bring year-round enjoyment. Contact us for a consultation at or 303.443.0284.

Planting Beds

Refresh an overgrown plating bed, upgrade a cracked walkway or simply add new mulch to revitalize your landscape! Enhancements are small projects designed to restore beauty and functionality to an existing landscape. You will be surprised how a few new details can transform your entire yard! Contact us for a consultation at or 303.443.0284.