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Plant this Fall for Spring Colors - Order by Oct 31, 2022

Here is what we will include with one or more of our bulb packages!

  • Large quantities of bulbs for a big impact of color and beauty
  • Best bulb choices for our tough conditions here in Colorado
  • Custom designs to complement your existing landscape
  • Blends of bulbs for color, interest, variation & staggered bloom time
  • Placement & planting labor
  • Initial fertilization upon planting

Contact Carly at Matrix Gardens for more info. ORDER BELOW!

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Honoring Alison Blend

We chose this mix with some of Alison’s all time favorite Spring beauties in mind. This mix includes: Rock Garden Iris ‘Harmony’, Crocus ‘Goldilocks’, Crocus ‘Barr’s Purple’, Scilla ‘Spring Beauty’, and Narcissuss ‘Pheasant’s Eye’. Deer resistant and pollinator attracting this mix will bloom from March through May. Crocus, Anemone and Scilla are low growing to 4-5″. The Daffodil will be about 14-16″ tall.

Species Tulip Mix

Species tulips are known to naturalize better than their hybrid cousins and work well in our xeric climate. This species Tulip mix includes T. ‘Danique’, T. ‘Persian Pearl’, T. ‘Flava’and T. ‘Shogun’. Although Tulips are not deer resistant they are a colorful way to brighten up an area not trafficked by our hoofed friends. Our Species Tulip Mix will bloom from early April into May with heights varying from 6-12″.

Pollinator Mix

Our 2022 Pollinator Mix is a great way to encourage Spring activity from bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects to your landscape that will include Crocus ‘Blue Marlin’, Anemone ‘Charmer’, Scilla bifolia rosea, and Crocus ‘Grand Maitri’. These low growers are sure to generate a lot of “buzz” from our pollinator friends growing only 4-5″ tall.

Daffodil Mix

Got deer? Our 2022 Daffodil Mix is a beautiful deer resistant and one of a kind Daffodil mix that they won’t bother. This blend includes a miniature daffodil N. canaliculatus, N. ‘Golden Echo’, N. ‘Dialogs’ and the long blooming N.’Gigantic Star’. Blooms from early April-May with heights varying from 6-22″.

Allium Mix

Also deer resistant and pollinator friendly, we’re offering a unique Allium Mix! These Spring and Summer bloomers add a fun texture as well as color to the landscape. They hold their shape after the color fades which makes them a great dried flower to bring inside and enjoy year round. This mix is made up of A. ‘Arctic Star’, A. ‘Ostara’, A. ‘Atlas’, and the eye catching A. ‘Silver Spring’. They offer later blooms from late May into July with heights ranging from 14-36″.

We offer smaller quantities of these because they make such a bold statement on their own within the landscape and they naturalize readily.

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Honoring Alison Blend
Species Tulip Mix
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